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Solving for Ag with Technology

Jason Mellow

Jason Mellow

Founder and CEO

Axis Ag is committed to being the single source provider of exceptional agriculture support services, ultimately removing the burden from our customers which allows them to focus on their own mission. While providing our services, we shall make it a priority to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the well-being of our customers.

Our services

We provide a wide range of services for both Agricultural and AgTech companies.

Operations management

Operating, maintaining, and iterating on highly technical projects for commercial operations.

Field implementation

Cost effective, professionally managed field operations and maintenance of technical agricultural equipment as a service.

Custom fabrication

Custom fabrication and design, fabrication repair, and light manufacturing.

Professional consultation

Agricultural industry experience, grower-based relationships, technical and engineering resources, and implementation expertise.

Hardware engineering

Engineering prototyping, research and development, and contract engineering design.

Software engineering

Data pipelines, Machine Learning models, reporting dashboards, custom hooks, custom integration.

Our customers

We work with companies utilizing technical agricultural equipment and software.


Growers & Shippers

  • Implementing new technical equipment
  • Maintenance, utilization, and integration
  • Technical expertise and equipment testing

Industry Associations

  • Proof of concept development of both hardware and software
  • Product testing, scaling, and commercialization
  • New initiative development

Academia & Universities

  • Operational management and deployment of machines
  • Professional guidance in both technology and agriculture
  • Testing and iteration for research projects

AgTech Companies & Startups

  • Agriculture expertise and relationships
  • Product testing and hardware/software iteration
  • Professional field operations and equipment maintenance

Our partners

We collaborate with experts in both the agricultural and technology space..


AGXactly is a farm data and crops insights company located in Salinas, California, bringing individual plant analytics and actionable insights to farmers of specialty row crops.


Digital Divide Data (DDD) provides technology-enabled data preparation services, including data labeling and annotation for machine learning.


Based in Watsonville, CA, farm-ng is building general purpose off-road robotics hardware and software products.


Western Growers and its members strive to protect and enhance the economic outlook of farmers, their farmworker partners, and many others.

Recent case study

Building out and operating a data gathering tech stack for Western Growers Association

As part of their Global Harvest Automation Initiative, Western Growers wanted to provide a public image library of a multitude of crop types, that were annotated and available for usage by both startups and academia.

Axis Ag was responsible for first creating this new tech stack and then operating the entire data gathering operation, in order to populate this machine learning dataset of crop images.


Research and hardware selection

Selection of vehicle, hardware, and cameras. Researching software platforms and systems for integration.


Technical implementation

Machine build and customization, custom software integration, data pipeline implementation. Followed by field testing and vetting of hardware.


Field operations

Fully managed field operations, with multiple data carts, feeding into a managed data pipeline, with image selection and annotation.


Iteration and scale

Designing and fabricating custom modifications to allow for increased flexibility, supporting even more crop types and fields.

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